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ALC-Legislative Process Revision Committee

Staff Member
Bill Goodman

Millie Neville
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Task Forces
ChairSenatorSenator Mike Beebe
ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Bob Johnson
Vice ChairSenatorSenator John E. Brown
Vice Chair Senator Mike Everett
Vice Chair Senator Jon Fitch
Vice ChairRepresentativeRepresentative John Paul Capps
Vice Chair Representative James Dietz
Vice Chair Representative Billi Fletcher
Vice Chair Representative James Luker
Vice Chair Representative Percy Malone
Vice Chair Representative Carolyn Pollan
Vice Chair Representative Terry Smith
Vice Chair Representative Dennis Young
 SenatorSenator Cliff Hoofman
  Senator David Malone
 RepresentativeRepresentative Wayne Wagner
Non-Voting Representative Ed Thicksten
No Subcommittees Available.