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Kim Arnall

Millie Neville
The Joint Budget Committee provides for consideration of appropriation bills and budget proposals submitted by the General Assembly. The Joint Budget Committee is authorized to meet during the interim to work on budgetary and other matters. When the Legislative Council holds pre-session budget hearings after October 1 (preceding the next regular session of the General Assembly) all members of the Joint Budget Committee appointed to serve at the next following regular session are authorized to attend. (A.C.A. 10-3-509)
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ChairSenatorSenator Shawn Womack
ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Chris Thyer
Vice ChairSenatorSenator Irma Hunter Brown
Vice ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Bruce Maloch
 SenatorSenator Denny Altes
  Senator Jim Argue
  Senator Gilbert Baker
  Senator Dave Bisbee
  Senator Paul Bookout
  Senator Shane Broadway
  Senator Steve Bryles
  Senator Jack Critcher
  Senator Steve Faris
  Senator Bobby Glover
  Senator Kim Hendren
  Senator Jim Hill
  Senator Barbara Horn
  Senator Jimmy Jeffress
  Senator Bob Johnson
  Senator Randy Laverty
  Senator Jim Luker
  Senator Percy Malone
  Senator Paul Miller
  Senator Terry Smith
  Senator Tracy Steele
  Senator Jerry Taylor
  Senator Sharon Trusty
  Senator Ruth Whitaker
  Senator Henry "Hank" Wilkins, IV
  Senator Ed Wilkinson
 RepresentativeRepresentative Keven Anderson
  Representative Will Bond
  Representative Linda Chesterfield
  Representative Tommy Dickinson
  Representative Horace Hardwick
  Representative Willie Hardy
  Representative Eric Harris
  Representative Robert Jeffrey
  Representative Janet Johnson
  Representative Mike Kenney
  Representative Johnny Key
  Representative Michael Lamoureux
  Representative Allen Maxwell
  Representative Jim Medley
  Representative James Norton
  Representative Benny Petrus
  Representative Betty Pickett
  Representative David Rainey
  Representative J. R. Rogers
  Representative Sid Rosenbaum
  Representative Rick Saunders
  Representative Susan Schulte
  Representative Scott Sullivan
  Representative Denny Sumpter
  Representative Robbie Wills
  Representative David Wyatt