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Carol Stapleton

Donna Ward

Dan Parker
This committee reviews matters pertaining to banks and banking, savings and loan association, stock, bonds, and other securities, securities dealers, insurance, public utilities, partnerships and corporations, home mortgage financing and housing, similar legislation and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee. (House Rules 62.9)
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ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Sid Rosenbaum
Vice Chair Representative David Wyatt
  Representative Bill Abernathy
  Representative Keven Anderson
  Representative Will Bond
  Representative Otis Davis
  Representative David Dunn
  Representative Frank Glidewell
  Representative Willie Hardy
  Representative Janet Johnson
  Representative Wilhelmina Lewellen
  Representative Bruce Maloch
  Representative Mark Martin
  Representative Allen Maxwell
  Representative Betty Pickett
  Representative David Rainey
  Representative Susan Schulte
  Representative Chris Thyer
  Representative Shirley Walters
  Representative John Paul Wells
Non-Voting Representative Nancy Duffy Blount
Non-Voting Representative Aaron Burkes
Non-Voting Representative Mike Burris
Non-Voting Representative Ed Garner
Non-Voting Representative Dan Greenberg
Non-Voting Representative Barry Hyde
Non-Voting Representative John Lowery
Non-Voting Representative Roy Ragland
Non-Voting Representative Bill Sample
Non-Voting Representative Jon Woods