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Administrative Office of the Courts
Justice Building, 625 Marshall, Suite 1100, Little Rock, AR, 72201

Phone: (501)-682-9400
Fax: 682-9410


Messenger Service: Yes

Staff Members
Budget Analyst
Jennifer Rook
Personnel Analyst
Bart Angel
Brent Gasper
Committee Staff
Adrienne Williams

 Agency Summary Budget Manuals

2010 Regular Session Budget Hearings - 2011- 2013 Biennium
 Volume 05 - Environmental Quality, Heritage Department and Military Department
2008 Regular Session Budget Hearings - 2009-2011 Biennium
 Volume 05 - Heritage Dept, Environmental Quality, Emergency Management, Veterans Services, and Military Dept.

 Hearing Schedule

Date: Nov 19 2008
Time: Morning

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