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Mark Hudson

Juanita Giles

Cheryl Reinhart
Sarah Ganahl
This committee reviews matters pertaining to public kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and adult education, vocational education, vocational-technical schools, vocational rehabilitation, higher education, private educational institutions, similar legislation, and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee.(House Rules 62.1)
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ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Bill Abernathy
Vice Chair Representative Nancy Duffy Blount
  Representative Monty Betts
  Representative Toni Bradford
  Representative Steven Breedlove
  Representative Jerry Brown
  Representative Les "Skip" Carnine
  Representative Eddie Cheatham
  Representative David Cook
  Representative Robert Dale
  Representative Jody Dickinson
  Representative Dan Greenberg
  Representative Donna Hutchinson
  Representative Mark Martin
  Representative Mark Perry
  Representative David Rainey
  Representative Rick Saunders
  Representative Tim Summers
  Representative Linda Tyler
  Representative Charolette Wagner
Non-Voting Representative Fred Allen
Non-Voting Representative Tommy Lee Baker
Non-Voting Representative Ann Clemmer
Non-Voting Representative Debra Hobbs
Non-Voting Representative Karen Hopper
Non-Voting Representative Uvalde Lindsey
Non-Voting Representative Robert Moore
Non-Voting Representative Johnnie Roebuck
Non-Voting Representative Tiffany Rogers
Non-Voting Representative Mary Slinkard
Non-Voting Representative Darrin Williams