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Legislative Analyst
Patrick Ralston

Administrative Assistant
Shanara Young

Legislative Attorney
Gil Glover
This committee reviews matters pertaining to agriculture, livestock, forestry, industrial development, natural resources, oil and gas, publicity and parks, levee and drainage, rivers and harbors, similar legislation and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee. (House Rules 62.7)
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ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Roy Ragland
Vice Chair Representative Jerry Brown
  Representative Monty Betts
  Representative Mike Burris
  Representative Joan Cash
  Representative Robert Dale
  Representative Monty Davenport
  Representative Curren Everett
  Representative Nathan George
  Representative Jim House
  Representative Bryan King
  Representative John Lowery
  Representative Robert Moore
  Representative Jim Nickels
  Representative Mike Patterson
  Representative Gregg Reep
  Representative Lance Reynolds
  Representative Terry Rice
  Representative Bill Sample
  Representative Robbie Wills
Non-Voting Representative John Burris
Non-Voting Representative Richard Carroll
Non-Voting Representative Eddie Cheatham
Non-Voting Representative Larry Cowling
Non-Voting Representative Clark Hall
Non-Voting Representative Eddie Hawkins
Non-Voting Representative Johnny Hoyt
Non-Voting Representative Buddy Lovell
Non-Voting Representative Walls McCrary
Non-Voting Representative Tracy Pennartz
Non-Voting Representative Bobby Pierce
Non-Voting Representative Jon Woods