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Regina Wilson

Margaret Breen

Matthew Miller
Jillian Thayer
The Speaker shall refer to the Committee on Rules, any matters dealing with alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco products, coin operated amusement devices, vending machines, lobbying, code of ethics, parimutual betting and similar legislation. All proposed action regarding rules, joint rules and order of business. [House Rules 51 and 63(a)(4)]
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ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Robert Moore
Vice Chair Representative Keith Ingram
  Representative Fred Allen
  Representative Tommy Lee Baker
  Representative Otis Davis
  Representative Rick Green
  Representative Steve Harrelson
  Representative Johnny Hoyt
  Representative Barry Hyde
  Representative Bobby Pierce
  Representative Gregg Reep
  Representative Rick Saunders
  Representative Linda Tyler
  Representative Kathy Webb
  Representative Darrin Williams
ex officioMr.Mr. Tim Massanelli
No Subcommittees Available.