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Acupuncture Board
11701 West 36th Street, Little Rock, AR, 72211

Phone: 501-687-6167
Fax: 501-372-4505


Messenger Service: No

Staff Members
Budget Analyst
Mildred Hamilton
Personnel Analyst
Heather Browning
Michael Feehan
Committee Staff
John Price

 Agency Summary Budget Manuals

2012 Fiscal Session
 Budget Manual For FY2012-13 – Agri-Forestry Dept., Career Ed, Correction, Community Correction, Education Public School Fund, Health, DHS, Workforce Services and AOJ Allocation Section
2011- 2013 Biennium
 Silver Manual - Volume 1
 Volume 01 - Boards and Commissions

 Hearing Schedule

Date: Oct 16 2012
Time: Morning

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