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 Historic Legislation

This is an unofficial index database for historical and uncodified legislation. Electronic copies of the historic and uncodified acts are not available from this website or the Bureau of Legislative Research. Copies of the historical and uncodified acts may be obtained from the Supreme Court Library, the Secretary of State, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville School of Law Library, or the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law Library.
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Year of Enactment
Act Number
Page Number
Sections Amended
Amending Acts Year
Amending Acts Number
10th Circuitadditional judgeship1985No. 159    
10th Circuitdivision of circuit and chancery1985 (1st Ex. Sess.)No. 7    
10th Circuitdivision of circuit and chancery1985 (1st Ex. Sess.)No. 22    
10th District-West prosecutorexpense allowances1979  Section 1 amended1979 
11th Judicial Circuit-Eastpart-time deputy expenses and secretary expenses1983No. 3    
11th Judicial Circuit-Westadding a judgeship1987No. 444    
12th Judicial Circuit-Westadding a judgeship1977  Section 1 amended1977 
13th Circuit and 7th Chanceryreporter salary1975No. 909    
13th Judicial Districtstenographer1927No. 5    
13th Judicial Districtstenographer1913No. 13    
13th Judicial DistrictCourt Probation Officers Program1975No. 895    
13th Judicial Districtexpense allowance for prosecutors1985No. 1093    
14th Judical Districtexpense allowance for prosecuting attorney1983No. 388    
14th Judicial Districtstenographer1927  Section 17 amended and Section 29 repealed1927No. 12
15th Judicial Districtsalaries of certain officers1987No. 849    
15th Judicial Districtsalary and expense allowance for deputy prosecuting attorney1981No. 298    
16th Judicial Districtsalaries of certain officers1981  Section 1 amended1981 
16th Judicial District Prosecutorexpense allowance1987No. 1044    
17th Judicial District East Prosecutorsalaries and expenses for 17th Judicial District East prosecutor's office1987No. 1043    
18th Judicial Districtto allow a grand jury stenographer1987No. 989    
18th Judicial District - Eastsecretary/case coordinator salary1985No. 163    
18th-East Judicial Districtnew judgeship1987No. 846    
1st class citiesmayors, retirement1971No. 311    
1st District State Agricultural Schoolappropriation1923No. 47    
1st District State Agricultural Schoolreimbursement1925No. 269    
1st Judicial Districtsalary of grand jury reporter1979No. 220    
1st Judicial Districtgrand jury reporter salary1985, 1st Extra. SessionNo. 6    
1st Judicial Districtexpense allowance for prosecutor1983No. 249    
1st Judicial Districtexpense allowance of the prosecuting atty1981No. 414    
1st National Bank JudsoniaNorth Arkansas Highway Improvement District, liability to released1923No. 116    
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