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7/22/2013 10:00:00 AM
Room A, MAC

Meeting Documents(Ascending)
Meeting Agenda
Agenda Attachments
 2013 Legislation Related to Curriculum Frameworks.pdf
 Achieve 2012 50 State Report.pdf
 Achieve CCSS.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Next Generation Science Stds.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res About.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Assessments.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Engaging a Business Assoc.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Engaging Employees.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Engaging Leadership.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Engaging Media.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Joining a Business Assoc.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res K12 Education Facts.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Keeping International Advantage.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Math and Eng Lit Stds.pdf
 Achieve GE Bus Res Supp STEM Pipeline.pdf
 Adequacy Study Statutory Responsibilities.pdf
 CCSS and Legislators.pdf
 CCSS App for English Language Learners.pdf
 CCSS App to Students w Disabilities.pdf
 CCSS Contents Page.pdf
 CCSS ELA Appendix A.pdf
 CCSS ELA Appendix B.pdf
 CCSS ELA Appendix C.pdf
 CCSS for ELA.pdf
 CCSS Introduction.pdf
 CCSS Math Appendix A.pdf
 CCSS Mathematics.pdf
 CCSS Provisions in Act 989 of 2011.pdf
 Dr J Milgram Testimony.pdf
 Dr Ken James Testimony 042909.pdf
 Dr Neal McCluskey Testimony.pdf
 Dr Sandra Stotsky Lit or Tech Manuals.pdf
 EX C1 061013 Joint Ed Minutes FINAL.pdf
 EX C2 061113 Joint Ed Minutes FINAL.pdf
 EX E ISP 2013 118.pdf
 EX F Act 1469 of 2013.pdf
 EX J1 1 Heartland Institute Policy Brief re CCSS.pdf
 EX J1 2 Heartland Institute Policy Tips re CCSS.pdf
 EX J3 Dr Sandra Stotsky Testimony.pdf
 Highlights Common Core and PARCC.pdf
 Highlights Curriculum Frameworks.pdf
 Huckabee 2013 Oklahoma Common Core Letter.pdf
 Mountain Home School District Proposal 5.pdf
 Mountain Home School District Testimony.pdf
 Mr P Richardson Testimony.pdf
 Ms Joy Pullmann Testimony.pdf
 Ms Lewis Testimony Gates Report.pdf
 Ms Lewis Testimony Tim Griffin Letter.pdf
 PARCC K12 and Higher Ed Partnership.pdf
 Pat Richardson Testimony.ppsx
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