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Legislative Analyst
Kathy Schmidt

Administrative Assistant
Teresa Tripp

Legislative Attorney
Joi Leonard
This subcommittee reviews agency requests for professional services contracts and consultant services contracts. (A.C.A. 19-11-1006). This subcommittee also reviews proposed methods of financing for capital expenditures in excess of $250,000 that have not been approved by the General Assembly (A.C.A. 22-9-104), and requests of state agencies for leasing of motor vehicles (for more than 30 days) prior to final approval of said lease by the state purchasing administrator (A.C.A. 22-8-102). Other matters may also be referred to this subcommittee by the Legislative Council.
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Co-ChairSenatorSenator Scott Flippo
Co-ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Jeff Wardlaw
Vice-ChairSenatorSenator Bart Hester
Vice-ChairRepresentativeRepresentative Bruce Cozart
 SenatorSenator Cecile Bledsoe
  Senator Linda Chesterfield
  Senator Lance Eads
  Senator Jim Hendren
  Senator Bruce Maloch
  Senator David J. Sanders
 RepresentativeRepresentative Deborah Ferguson
  Representative Joe Jett
  Representative Mathew W. Pitsch
  Representative Chris Richey
  Representative DeAnn Vaught
ex officioSenatorSenator Terry Rice
ex officio Senator Bill Sample
ex officioRepresentativeRepresentative Jim Dotson
ex officio Representative Jon S. Eubanks
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