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Staff Member
Mildred Hamilton

Teresa Tripp
Makes recommendations to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) on "Special Language" included in appropriation bills pertaining to the fiscal and programmatic operations of state agencies, boards, commissions, and institutions of higher education. Special Language is generally temporary. The language can be used to allow transfers of appropriation, funds, positions and programs. It discusses the intent of the General Assembly. It can place restrictions on certain actions, grant full flexibility to perform certain actions, require review, reporting or both by the Legislative Council or Joint Budget Committee either prior to an action being taken or after the action takes place. During a Regular Session, the JBC Special Language Subcommittee receives any bills that include Special Language with changes/mark-up from previous acts or new special language that was recommended by the ALC/JBC Special Language Subcommittee during the fall budget hearings. The JBC Special Language Subcommittee also makes recommendations on proposed member amendments to Special Language and any member bills or Governor Letters with new special language.
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