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Legislative Analyst
Richard Wilson

Administrative Assistant
Chrissy Heider

Legislative Attorney
George Ernst
The Office of Economic and Tax Policy works under the standards and guidelines of the Joint Committee on Economic and Tax Policy and (1) reviews the biennial and annual revenue forecast submitted by the executive branch; (2) provides legislators with such information as may be requested regarding the data and assumptions supporting the forecast; (3) at the request of the committee, provides alternative forecasts based on different assumptions regarding economic performance; (4) makes periodic reviews of the official revenue forecast performance; (5) provides members with analyses of policy proposals that might affect the state's economy or fiscal outlook; (6) biennially prepares and makes available to the members of the General Assembly a comprehensive compilation of taxes levied by the state; and (7) provides committee members or other members of the General Assembly with such data, information, or policy studies as may be requested, subject to time and resource constraints. The Office of Economic and Tax Policy also prepares fiscal impact analyses of proposed legislation on request of any member of the General Assembly or legislative committee. (A.C.A. 10-3-1403)
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