4-111-105. Use of Spyware Monitoring Fund.

   (a) All fines and penalties collected under § 4-111-104 shall be paid to the Treasurer of State for the benefit of the Spyware Monitoring Fund to be used by the Attorney General to:        

         (1) Investigate potential violations and enforce the provisions of this subchapter; and              

         (2) Establish and maintain a website to:              

               (A) Provide information concerning:                    

                     (i) The availability of computer software to combat spyware; and                          

                     (ii) False representations about the effectiveness of specific antispyware software;                          

               (B) Promote consumer awareness about spyware, antispyware, and computer fraud;                    

               (C) Educate consumers about:                    

                     (i) Spyware, computer fraud, and the effects of spyware and computer fraud upon consumer privacy and computer systems; and                          

                     (ii) How to access or obtain computer software to combat spyware; and                          

               (D) Provide consumers with links to antispyware websites with helpful information.                    

   (b) The Attorney General is authorized to request an appropriation from the fund to offset his or her salary and administrative expenses directly related to the enforcement of this subchapter and the administration of the website.        

History..Acts 2005, No. 2255, § 1.