6-15-1801. Purpose.

   (a) It is the purpose of the General Assembly through this subchapter to focus public attention on the problems facing those Arkansas students not being educated under the current public school system and on the need for alternative learning environments to avoid the consequences to all Arkansans that will result if nothing is done to better prepare these students.        

   (b) The General Assembly believes that many of the problems can be conquered. The key is recognizing and identifying how the system is failing a child early enough to provide meaningful intervention and then adapting or altering the system to meet a child's educational needs. Arkansas schools exist solely for the benefit of the children, and the schools must adapt to the children's educational needs.        

   (c) The Arkansas Pygmalion Commission on Nontraditional Education will act to focus public attention, as a clearinghouse for information regarding alternative learning environments, and to ensure that needed changes are made in curriculum, instructional approaches, school climate, and organization to improve educational outcomes for at-risk students.        

History..Acts 1993, No. 1288, § 1.