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 Budget & Fiscal Review (One Capitol Mall, 5th Floor)


The Budget & Fiscal Review Section is responsible for the preparation of fiscal legislation such as appropriation bills and amendments, provides staff support to various committees and subcommittees which are responsible for legislative oversight of agency budgets and provides research related to budgetary matters.

Lori Bowen, Budget and Fiscal Review Administrator

  • Wendy Cartwright, Senior Legislative Analyst - PEER Subcommittee and Constitutional Officers
  • Mildred Hamilton, Senior Legislative Analyst – Special Language, Health Department, Economic Development Commission
  • Karli Miller, Administrative Assistant to Administrator - ALC-Highway Commission Review And Advisory Subcommittee
  • William Parrish, Legislative Analyst II - Highway Cmsn. Review And Advisory Subcommittee, Dept. of Environmental Quality, Dept. of Info. Systems, and Highway Department
  • Adam Penman, Legislative Analyst II – Dept. of Finance and Administration and 2-Year Institutions of Higher Education
  • Henry Rice, Legislative Analyst II - Department of Higher Education and 4 Year Institutions of Higher Education
  • Jennifer Rook, Legislative Analyst II - House Budget Clerk, Special Projects
  • Kathy Schmidt, Senior Legislative Analyst – Review Subcommittee, Parks and Tourism, Agriculture Dept.
  • Keith Tarter, Legislative Analyst - Corrections, Community Corrections, State Police, Game & Fish
  • Teresa Tripp, Administrative Assistant to Administrator - Review, Special Language
  • Kathryn Walden, Legislative Analyst III – K-12 Education, Career Education and Dept. of Workforce Services
  • Lilah Walls, Senior Legislative Analyst – DHS, Various Monthly Reports