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 Internet Legal Publications

Bill Drafting Manual.PDFBill Drafting ResourceBill Drafting ManualBill Drafting Software Program Manual1/7/2009
Arkansas Lottery Outline 5-4-09.pdfArkansas LotteryArkansas Lottery Outline 5-4-09Arkansas Lottery5/26/2009
Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act.pdfArkansas LotteryArkansas Scholarship Lottery ActArkansas Lottery5/26/2009
How a Bill Becomes a Law.pptLegislative ProcessHow a Bill Becomes a LawHow a Bill Becomes a Law5/26/2009
Summary of General Legislation 2009.pdfLegislative ActionsSummary of General Legislation 2009Summary of General Legislation 20095/26/2009
Administrative Rules and Regulations.htmAdmin Rules & RegsAdministrative Rules and RegulationsState Agencies Website and Rules and Regulations Web Addresses5/27/2009
Amended Code Sections by Title.pdfLegislative ActionsAmended Code Sections by TitleAmended Code Sections by Title7/14/2009
FISCAL SESSION 2010 SUMMARY.pdfLegislative ActionsFISCAL SESSION 2010 SUMMARYSummary of Fiscal Legislation - 20103/25/2010
2010 Legislative Drafting Manual.pdfBill Drafting Resource2010 Legislative Drafting Manual2010 Legislative Drafting Manual12/2/2010
Code Sections Amended by Title 2011R.pdfArkansas CodeCode Sections Amended by Title 2011RCode Sections Amended by Title 2011R9/15/2011
Code Sections Amended By Title 2012.pdfCode Sections Amended by Title 2012FCode Sections Amended By Title 2012Code Sections Amended by Title 2012F6/20/2012