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Welcome to the Bureau of Legislative Research’s website for Arkansas Higher Education. The website will link legislators to information produced by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE), national higher education organizations, and the Bureau of Legislative Research staff.

The state has 11 public universities and 22 public colleges. The fall 2010 enrollment at the state’s public higher education institutions was 155,945 for an FTE count of 114,202. For FY2011, Arkansas allocated $714.5 million in general revenue dollars [category A] for the institutions of higher education, another $3.3 million for ADHE operations, and $34 million for student scholarship programs administered by ADHE. The newly revised Academic Challenge scholarship program is also supported by approximately $104 million in lottery provided funds. In addition to amounts contributed through state and lottery funding, the students and their parents contributed another $487.9 million in tuition and fees revenue for FY2010.

Higher education is an important consumer of our state’s financial resources and a valued producer of the educated workforce needed to sustain and elevate the state’s economy. We hope that the material provided on this website will assist the Arkansas General Assembly in its consideration of higher education policy and funding.

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