This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Barbara Brown
Administrative Assistant
Kendra Drone
Legislative Attorney
Jennifer Liwo

The committee reviews the actuarial solvency, adequacy of benefits, and all other aspects of the publicly supported retirement systems of the state. The committee also studies and reviews all proposals for changes or amendments to any of the existing public retirement laws or for the creation of new or expanded public retirement systems. (A.C.A. 10-3-703)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Senator Senator Bill Sample
Chair Representative Representative Les Warren
Vice-Chair Senator Senator Keith Ingram
Vice-Chair Representative Representative Gary Deffenbaugh
Senator Senator Cecile Bledsoe
Senator Eddie Cheatham
Senator Joyce Elliott
Senator Kim Hammer
Senator Blake Johnson
Senator Greg Leding
Senator Jason Rapert
Senator Larry Teague
Representative Representative Bruce Coleman
Representative Michelle Gray
Representative Monte Hodges
Representative Douglas House
Representative John Maddox
Representative Mark Perry
Representative Stu Smith

Standing SubCommittees

No subcommittees found in the 92nd General Assembly for this committee.