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State Implementation Planning

A summary of state efforts to organize and plan for the healthcare law's implementation.‚Äč

Federal Documents

Other States' Documents

  • Maine Governor Executive Order web
    Maine Gov. John Baldacci's Executive Order creating the Health Reform Implementation Steering Committee.

  • Maine Healthcare Committee web
    Maine's Joint Select Committee on Health Care Reform Opportunities website

  • Maine Order Establishing Healthcare Committee pdf PDF
    Joint order establishing Maine's Joint Select Committee on Health Care Reform Opportunities, a group of legislators responsible for studying the health reform legislation and overseeing the state's implementation of it.

  • NCSL: State Legislation Challenging Certain Health Reforms web
    NCSL Report on what states are challenging the reforms in the new healthcare law.

  • Utah HB 67 pdf PDF
    Legislation passed by Utah to prohibit state agencies from implementing any provision of the federal health care reform without reporting certain information to that state's Legislature.

Other Documents

  • Healthcare Reform Implementation Priorities pdf PDF
    National Academy for State Health Policy: State Policymakers' Priorities for Successful Implementation of Health Reform.

  • NASHP's health reform forum web
    National Academy for State Health Policy's web forum where states can post and share their health reform-related legislation, fiscal analyses, and planning documents

  • NCSL 2011 Checklist pdf PDF
    List of health reform provisions state must implement in 2011 and issues states should begin addressing

  • NCSL Slides on 2011 Timeline ppt PPT
    National Conference of State Legislatures presentation on provisions of the health reform law that states must implement in 2011

  • NCSL: State Implementation Actions web
    Describes states' legislation and other steps taken to implement federal health reform