This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Wendy Cartwright


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Senator Senator David Burnett
Chair Representative Representative Keith M. Ingram
Vice Chair Senator Senator Robert Thompson
Vice Chair Representative Representative Jonathan Barnett
Senator Senator Jonathan Dismang
Senator Mike Fletcher
Senator Stephanie Flowers
Senator Steve Harrelson
Senator David Johnson
Senator Bill Pritchard
Senator David Wyatt
Representative Representative Ed Garner
Representative Robert S. Moore, Jr.
Representative David "Bubba" Powers
Representative Johnnie J. Roebuck
Representative Nate Steel
Representative Butch Wilkins
Representative Henry "Hank" Wilkins, IV
ex officio Senator Senator Gilbert Baker
ex officio Senator Mary Anne Salmon
ex officio Representative Representative Tommy Lee Baker
ex officio Representative Kathy Webb

Standing SubCommittees

No subcommittees found in the 88th General Assembly for this committee.