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Bureau Health Reform Contacts

Nell Smith - Research Analyst

Nell Smith coordinates the efforts of the Bureau Healthcare Research Group, serving as a legislative point of contact on the federal health reform law and its implementation in Arkansas. She helps ensure the General Assembly's information on health reform is up to date and informative, and as a research analyst for the Bureau's Research and Policy Analysis Section, she conducts general (non-legal) health reform research.

Kathryn Walden - Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Kathryn Walden handles fiscal issues that may arise with the implementation of the federal health reform law in the Arkansas Department of Insurance and the Arkansas Department of Health. This includes the new High Risk Pool Program, the Arkansas Insurance Exchange, implementation of grants through the Health Department, and implementation of wellness programs.

Mike Feehan - Staff Attorney

Mike Feehan handles legal issues directly related to public health programs, including Medicaid expansion, changes in the systems of payments from government entities (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) to health care providers (hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.), and new grant and loan programs for health care education.

Keith Gober - Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Keith Gober is assigned to fiscal issues that may arise with the implementation of health reform legislation in regard to the Arkansas Department of Human Services. The fiscal issues may include the new High Risk Pool Program, implementation of grants through DHS and the Arkansas Medicaid Program.

Alix Stephens - Staff Attorney

Alix Stephens handles legal issues related to the private health insurance requirements established by the federal health reform legislation, including the High Risk Pool Program and the state Health Insurance Exchange.

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