Grants to strengthen public health infrastructure and capacity

The PPACA appropriated funding for the Prevention and Public Health Fund, and $42.5 million in the fund has been set aside for this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant program for FY2010. A total of $212.5 million is available over five years.

The goal of the grant is to increase the performance management capacity of public health departments to ensure public health goals are met. States and other large public health agencies that apply for the largest awards must submit a proposal recommending measurable improvements in health indicators that could be made with investments in public health infrastructure. Examples of activities the funding could support include hiring additional staff for performance accountability and tracking and fostering greater coordination between health departments and other health providers.

There are two components of the grant. The first component is expected to award 75 grantees between $100,000 and $400,000 in FY 2010 based on the grantees' population. Based on Arkansas's population, the state is eligible for funding at the $200,000 level.

The second component is expected to award between $1 million and $2.7 million to 10 to 27 grantees. The funding level will be based on the grantees' application rank.

Other federal public health grant opportunities available through PPACA include an HIV surveillance grant and an epidemiology and lab grant.

Arkansas Implementation

The Arkansas Department of Health applied for $200,000 for the first component of the Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure for Improved Health Outcomes grant and $1 million for the second component. In Sept. 2010, ADH was awarded $200,000 for the first component.

The Arkansas Department of Health was also awarded the following grant funding:

  • $502,594 for an Epidemiology & Laboratory Capacity/Emerging Infections Program
  • $114,182 for HIV Surveillance

Federal Documents

  • CDC Grant Solicitation to Support Public Health doc Word
    CDC grant application for up to $42.5 million in FY2010. The funding will be used to increase the performance management capacity of public health departments.

  • Emerging Infections Program Grant Solicitation doc Word
    Ten CDC grants of about $450,000 and ten grants of about $390,000 will be awarded to support health departments' surveillance infrastructure by enhancing the epidemiology and lab capacity of existing Emerging Infections Program.

  • Epidemiology and Lab Capacity Grant Solicitation doc Word
    Grants of about $300,000 to enhance health departments' capacity to detect & respond to infectious disease and other public health threats. Funding will support staff training, equipment needs, the electronic information exchange, among other lab needs.

  • HHS Announcement of Grant Awards web
    HHS press release announcing grant award recipients for the Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure for Improved Health Outcomes grant. Arkansas will receive $200,000 in the first round of funding.

  • HIV Surveillance Grant Solicitation doc Word
    CDC grant for between $25,000 and $400,000 to enable state and local health departments to improve the reporting of HIV laboratory data from private and public laboratories to state and local health departments and the CDC.

  • Public Health Training Center Grant Solicitation doc Word
    HHS application for five-year grant funding program that would allow schools of public health to provide training to the public health workforce in locations beyond the schools' main site. The UAMS College of Public Health did not apply.

Arkansas Documents

  • Component I: Abstract docx Word
    Arkansas Department of Health's application for $200,000 in funding for Component I of the grant. If awarded, ADH would use funding to hire two people & enhance ADH's capacity to monitor health outcomes and improve performance tracking and accountability.

  • Component I: Narrative docx Word
    ADH's full narrative on its Component I grant application.

  • Component II: Abstract docx Word
    ADH's application for $1 million to support access to electronic birth records & hospital ER data. The funding will also help develop an electronic public health mananagement system to link electronic medical records to vital records.

  • Component II: Narrative docx Word
    ADH's full narrative of its Component II grant application

  • Epidemiology and Lab Capacity Grant Application pdf PDF
    Arkansas's request for $662,159 to improve the Health Department's process of identifying infectious outbreaks, lab reporting and field investigations. The state was awarded $502,594.