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Legislative Fiscal Service Division

Kevin Anderson, Assistant Director for Fiscal Services
Millie Neville, Assistant to the Assistant Director

The Legislative Fiscal Services Division of the Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research provides centralized, non-partisan information on State expenditures, revenues, budgets, state personnel information and other related state finance and state personnel topics to members of the Arkansas General Assembly. The Fiscal Division provides principal staff assistance to the Review and Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER) Legislative Council Subcommittees as well as serving as principal staff assistance for the Arkansas Legislative Council/Joint Budget Committee and its Subcommittees during Regular Session budget hearings and the Joint Budget Committee and its Subcommittees during Legislative Sessions.

The Legislative Fiscal Services Division consists of the Budget & Fiscal Review Section and the Personnel Review Section that work in a cooperative manner to provide members of the General Assembly the most complete product possible.

Tony Robinson, Administrator Personnel Review Section
The Personnel Review Section provides information, research, and technical services regarding state agency and state institutions personnel issues for members of the General Assembly. The personnel related issues includes reviewing new classification titles and grades, changes in the staffing levels of agencies and institutions, rates of compensation, and revisions to the Uniform Classification and Compensation Act.

Wendy Cartwright, Administrator Budget and Fiscal Review Section
The Budget & Fiscal Review Section is responsible for the preparation of fiscal legislation such as appropriation bills and amendments, provides staff support to various committees and subcommittees which are responsible for legislative oversight of agency budgets and provides research related to budgetary matters for members of the General Assembly.

Carlos Silva, Legislative Economist
The Legislative Economist will analyze and provide economic forecasting, determine the economic impact of laws and regulations, staff the Economic and Tax Policy Committee, produce monthly and annual revenue reports, and a biannual Tax Handbook to be distributed to the General Assembly.