This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Mildred Hamilton
Administrative Assistant
Teresa Tripp


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Senator Senator David Wallace
Chair Representative Representative Douglas House
Vice-Chair Senator Senator Bruce Maloch
Vice-Chair Representative Representative LeAnne Burch
Senator Senator Cecile Bledsoe
Senator Jonathan Dismang
Senator Joyce Elliott
Senator Jim Hendren
Senator Jimmy Hickey, Jr
Senator Jason Rapert
Representative Representative Andy Davis
Representative Dan M. Douglas
Representative Jon S. Eubanks
Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Milton Nicks, Jr.
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
ex officio Senator Senator Bill Sample
ex officio Senator Larry Teague
ex officio Representative Representative Jim Dotson
ex officio Representative Lane Jean

Standing SubCommittees

No subcommittees found in the 91st General Assembly for this committee.