This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Kathy Schmidt
Administrative Assistant
Teresa Tripp

During Legislative Sessions the PEER (Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review) and Review subcommittees are combined to review and make recommendations to the Joint Budget Committee regarding various agency and higher education institution budget related requests. PEER reviews Miscellaneous Federal Grant Requests, Interagency Contracts, numerous appropriation transfers, additional cash appropriation requests and other budget related requests authorized by the General Assembly. The Review Subcommittee reviews professional services contracts that State Agencies and Institutions have with various entities as well as non discretionary grants, and methods of finance.


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Senator Senator Gary Stubblefield
Chair Representative Representative Fredrick J. Love
Vice-Chair Senator Senator Stephanie Flowers
Senator Alan Clark
Senator Joyce Elliott
Senator Jake Files
Senator Bryan King
Senator Bill Sample
Representative Representative David L. Branscum
Representative Charlotte V. Douglas
Representative Deborah Ferguson
Representative Justin Gonzales
Representative Justin T. Harris
Representative John T. Vines
Non-Voting Senator Senator Bruce Maloch
Non-Voting Senator David J. Sanders
Non-Voting Representative Representative Stephen Meeks
Non-Voting Representative Jeff Wardlaw
ex officio Senator Senator Jonathan Dismang
ex officio Senator Larry Teague
ex officio Representative Representative Jeremy Gillam
ex officio Representative Lane Jean

Standing SubCommittees

No subcommittees found in the 90th General Assembly for this committee.