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Legislative Analyst
Carol Stapleton
Legislative Attorney
Michael Feehan

The committee shall make continuing studies of energy resources and problems, either initiated by the committee or referred to it by either house of the General Assembly. The committee shall exercise leadership in energy related areas which relate to the conservation, development and use of energy resources. The committee shall cooperate with the Governor, with the federal government and including participation in regional and national meetings and seminars of state and federal officials in the exchange of information and data on energy resources, supplies, reserves and in the conservation storage and use of energy, including the disposal of energy waste and by-products. (A.C.A. 10-3-820)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Senator Senator Linda Chesterfield
Chair Representative Representative David L. Branscum
Vice Chair Senator Senator Missy Irvin
Vice Chair Representative Representative Denny Altes
Senator Senator Ronald Caldwell
Senator Jonathan Dismang
Senator Jim Hendren
Senator Bruce Holland
Senator Bobby J. Pierce
Senator Gary Stubblefield
Senator Eddie Joe Williams
Representative Representative John Baine
Representative Nate Bell
Representative Ken Bragg
Representative Bruce Cozart
Representative Dan M. Douglas
Representative Joe Farrer
Representative David Fielding
Representative Walls McCrary
Representative Micah S. Neal
Representative Betty Overbey
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
Representative Jeff Wardlaw
Representative James L. Word

Standing SubCommittees

No subcommittees found in the 89th General Assembly for this committee.