This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Rebeca Haley
Administrative Assistant
Kendra Drone
Legislative Attorney
Brent Gasper

This committee reviews matters pertaining to state and local courts, court clerks, stenographers, other employees of the courts, civil and criminal procedures, probate matters, civil and criminal laws, similar matters, and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee. (House Rules 62.2) (A.C.A. 10-3-203)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Representative Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
Vice-Chair Representative Marshall Wright
Representative Eddie L. Armstrong
Representative John Baine
Representative Bob Ballinger
Representative Rick Beck
Representative Camille Bennett
Representative Mary Broadaway
Representative Donnie Copeland
Representative R. Trevor Drown
Representative Joe Farrer
Representative Michelle Gray
Representative Douglas House
Representative Rebecca Petty
Representative Laurie Rushing
Representative Sue Scott
Representative Brent Talley
Representative Dwight Tosh
Representative John T. Vines
Representative David Whitaker