This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Eden Howard
Administrative Assistant
Gina Seaton
Legislative Attorney
Leslie Sarver

This committee reviews matters pertaining to the levy, increase, reduction, collection, enforcement and administration of taxes and other revenue-producing measures, and considers resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee. (House Rules 62.5) (A.C.A. 10-3-203)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Representative Representative Joe Jett
Vice-Chair Representative Kim Hendren
Representative Charlie Collins
Representative Andy Davis
Representative Jim Dotson
Representative Les Eaves
Representative Kenneth B. Ferguson
Representative Lanny Fite
Representative Vivian Flowers
Representative Justin Gonzales
Representative Monte Hodges
Representative Lane Jean
Representative Jack Ladyman
Representative Tim Lemons
Representative George B. McGill
Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Micah S. Neal
Representative Nelda Speaks
Representative Clarke Tucker
Representative DeAnn Vaught