Legislative Analyst
John Jones
Administrative Assistant
Ashley Miller
Legislative Attorney
Cassie Howell

This committee reviews matters pertaining to agriculture, livestock, forestry, industrial development, natural resources, oil and gas, publicity and parks, levee and drainage, rivers and harbors, similar legislation, and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee. (House Rules 62.7) (A.C.A 10-3-203)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Representative Representative DeAnn Vaught
Vice-Chair Representative Roger D. Lynch
Representative Stan Berry
Representative Ken Bragg
Representative Harlan Breaux
Representative Bruce Coleman
Representative Cameron Cooper
Representative Les Eaves
Representative Denise Jones Ennett
Representative Jon S. Eubanks
Representative Jack Fortner
Representative David Hillman
Representative Steve Hollowell
Representative Joe Jett
Representative Stephen Magie
Representative Ron McNair
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
Representative Brandt Smith
Representative Carlton Wing
Representative Richard Womack