Legislative Analyst
Emily Morozov
Administrative Assistant
Teresa Maxwell
Legislative Attorney
Alix Stephens

This committee reviews matters pertaining to banks and banking, savings and loan associations, stocks, bonds, other securities, securities dealers, insurance, public utilities, partnerships and corporations, home mortgage financing and housing, similar legislation and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee. (House Rules 62.9) (A.C.A. 10-3-203)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Representative Representative Mark Lowery
Vice-Chair Representative John Maddox
Representative Fred Allen
Representative Justin Boyd
Representative Karilyn Brown
Representative Nicole Clowney
Representative Brian S. Evans
Representative Deborah Ferguson
Representative Kenneth B. Ferguson
Representative David Fielding
Representative Vivian Flowers
Representative Jimmy Gazaway
Representative Monte Hodges
Representative Robin Lundstrum
Representative Reginald Murdock
Representative Clint Penzo
Representative Aaron Pilkington
Representative David Ray
Representative Jay Richardson
Representative Jim Wooten