The duties of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee are to provide for the auditing of each department, institution, board, commission, office, and agency of the state government for the purpose of furnishing the General Assembly with information vital to the discharge of its constitutional duties. (A.C.A. 10-3-407)


Chair Chamber Member
Co-Chair Representative Representative Richard Womack
Vice-Chair Representative DeAnn Vaught
Representative Mary Bentley
Representative Stan Berry
Representative Joe Cloud
Representative Vivian Flowers
Representative Jack Fortner
Representative Justin Gonzales
Representative Spencer Hawks
Representative David Hillman
Representative Jasen Kelly
Representative Julie Mayberry
Representative Tippi McCullough
Representative Milton Nicks, Jr.
Representative Rebecca Petty
Representative Jay Richardson
Representative Johnny Rye
Representative Brandt Smith
Representative Jim Sorvillo
Representative Nelda Speaks
ex officio Representative Jim Dotson
ex officio Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
ex officio Representative Jeff Wardlaw
ex officio Representative Danny Watson