This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.


Legislative Analyst
Mark Hudson
Administrative Assistant
Juanita Giles
Legislative Attorney
Sarah Ganahl

This committee reviews matters pertaining to public kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and adult education, vocational education, vocational-technical schools, vocational rehabilitation, higher education, private educational institutions, similar legislation, and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee.(House Rules 62.1)


Chair Chamber Member
Chair Representative Representative James McLean
Vice Chair Representative Ann V. Clemmer
Representative Charles L. Armstrong
Representative Mark Biviano
Representative Les "Skip" Carnine
Representative John Catlett
Representative Bruce Cozart
Representative Robert E. Dale
Representative Gary Deffenbaugh
Representative Jody Dickinson
Representative Charlotte Vining Douglas
Representative John Charles Edwards
Representative Jon S. Eubanks
Representative Debra M. Hobbs
Representative Karen S. Hopper
Representative Sheilla E. Lampkin
Representative Homer Lenderman
Representative Mark Lowery
Representative James Ratliff
Representative Brent Talley
Non-Voting Representative Randy Alexander
Non-Voting Representative Harold Copenhaver
Non-Voting Representative Jim Dotson
Non-Voting Representative David Fielding
Non-Voting Representative Justin T. Harris
Non-Voting Representative Lane Jean
Non-Voting Representative Fredrick J. Love
Non-Voting Representative Andy Mayberry
Non-Voting Representative Stephen Meeks
Non-Voting Representative Reginald Murdock
Non-Voting Representative Chris Richey
Non-Voting Representative Jeff Wardlaw