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This page shows information from a previous legislative session and is presented for archive purposes only.



Representative Fred Allen
Representative Sonia Eubanks Barker
Representative Howard M. Beaty, Jr.
Representative Rick Beck
Representative Mary Bentley
Representative Mark H. Berry
Representative Stan Berry
Representative Justin Boyd
Representative Ken Bragg
Representative Harlan Breaux
Representative Keith Brooks
Representative Karilyn Brown
Representative Joshua Paul Bryant
Representative John P. Carr
Representative Frances Cavenaugh
Representative Craig Christiansen
Representative Joe Cloud
Representative Nicole Clowney
Representative Bruce Coleman
Representative Andrew Collins
Representative Cameron Cooper
Representative Bruce Cozart
Representative Cindy Crawford
Representative Carol Dalby
Representative Marsh Davis
Representative Gary Deffenbaugh
Representative Jim Dotson
Representative Les Eaves
Representative Denise Jones Ennett
Representative Jon S. Eubanks
Representative Brian S. Evans
Representative Deborah Ferguson
Representative Kenneth B. Ferguson
Representative David Fielding
Representative Charlene Fite
Representative Lanny Fite
Representative Vivian Flowers
Representative Jack Fortner
Representative Tony Furman
Representative Denise Garner
Representative Jimmy Gazaway
Representative Megan Godfrey
Representative Justin Gonzales
Representative Michelle Gray
Representative Delia J. Haak
Representative Spencer Hawks
Representative David Hillman
Representative Monte Hodges
Representative Mike Holcomb
Representative Steve Hollowell
Representative Ashley Hudson
Representative Lane Jean
Representative Joe Jett
Representative Lee Johnson
Representative Jack Ladyman
Representative Fredrick J. Love
Representative Mark Lowery
Representative Robin Lundstrum
Representative Roger D. Lynch
Representative John Maddox
Representative Stephen Magie
Representative Julie Mayberry
Representative Rick McClure
Representative Austin McCollum
Representative Tippi McCullough
Representative Mark D. McElroy
Representative Richard McGrew
Representative Gayla H. McKenzie
Representative Ron McNair
Representative Stephen Meeks
Representative Josh Miller
Representative Jon Milligan
Representative Reginald Murdock
Representative Milton Nicks, Jr.
Representative John Payton
Representative Clint Penzo
Representative Mark Perry
Representative Aaron Pilkington
Representative David Ray
Representative Jay Richardson
Representative Marcus E. Richmond
Representative Johnny Rye
Representative Jamie Scott
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
Representative Keith Slape
Representative Brandt Smith
Representative Stu Smith
Representative Nelda Speaks
Representative Joy Springer
Representative David Tollett
Representative Dwight Tosh
Representative Kendon Underwood
Representative DeAnn Vaught
Representative Jeff Wardlaw
Representative Les Warren
Representative Danny Watson
Representative David Whitaker
Representative Carlton Wing
Representative Richard Womack
Representative Jim Wooten

Standing SubCommittees

No subcommittees found in the 93rd General Assembly for this committee.